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Tessi Nelson

My name is Tessi and I have always been looking for the next newest physical activity to push my body to new limits. After years of wear and tear on my body from various physical outlets and after 4 back surgeries, I found my true self in yoga. I am trained in Hatha Vinyasa Flow yoga, graduating from Wild Spirit School of Yoga in Spring 2017. I was inspired by the teachers around me not only by their physical abilities, but their calm sense of style. As someone who is always on the go, trying to fit as much as I can into one day, from Crossfit to cycling; yoga reminds me to stop, take a breath and give myself some time. My classes will get you out of the constant chaos of everyday life. A place you can come without fear, rejection and judgement to find that time for you. While feeling the sense of accomplishments, sweat and release, I want to Encourage you to find new levels of possibilities for not only your body, but your mind. A space for you to grow and love deeper on the mat and into your outside life.