Meagan Wall

Hi! I'm Meagan Wall, and I've been practicing Yoga for nearly seven years and teaching for two years this coming November 2019. I came to Yoga a physically broken woman, only to have the practice empower me to work not only in my body, but also in the most important parts of life -- those that involve truly living.

My style in teaching is generally to move at a medium to quick pace, making sure that we fully experience each pose before moving on to the next, while marrying breath to movement. While I began my journey as an Ashtangi, I've managed to integrate other grounded practices into my classes. What I bring to your practice is optimism -- I have faith that you can do the things you want, and I'm going to bring that energy to our practice and do my best to help you find it within yourself.

In my personal practice, I'm big on alignment, stress-relief through breath work, and understanding the science behind movement. When I'm resting on my laurels (and not actively working as a Geochemist) I throw myself into science fiction, either writing it or reading it. In my active life, when I'm not practicing Yoga, you can generally find me going for walks with my two dogs, swimming in the neighborhood pool, and traveling as I search for beautiful places to hike, camp, and breathe in. I put my largest emphasis and hardest work into connecting with those that I love.